Largest Online Travel Agency in Indonesia – The world is getting smaller every year.

April 10,  2013. I’ve been in Jakarta for press conference of and ‘enjoy Jakarta’.

And, for the first time travel junkies can buy domestic and international airline tickets and hotels online, from one web site and pay with popular payment method like ATM, Online Banking or Credit Card.

NusaTrip is the first complete online travel agent to launch in Indonesia, bringing online booking for all the major hotels and airlines anywhere in the world. This type of web site exists in most mature travel markets and now Indonesian can get the same level of convenience to book their business and leisure trips.

NusaTrip is the only travel agency in Indonesia to provide online instant booking for all international airlines and most domestic airlines. Without NusaTrip, it would be very complicated and time consuming to find the best price for a Yogyakarta-Milan, Makassar-New York or Medan-Shenzhen flight online. NusaTrip also offer Indonesia domestic flights, making it easier to find which airlines fly to a given route and at what prices.

Travel junkies get access to an advanced flight search and booking engine that saves time and money. Finding available flights to any destination is now very easy, users can compare schedule & prices and book in just a few minutes.

As an Indonesian online travel agent, NusaTrip offers the largest number of hotels available for instant online booking. It has about 100,000 hotels worldwide at very competitive rates. All these hotels can be purchased online and paid via Indonesian popular payment methods: like ATM, Online Banking and Credit card. All transaction are secured with the highest encryption standards and credit card payment use Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

NusaTrip  has spent a lot of time designing the user experience with friendly interfaces and making sure that the website booking process flow makes buying online simple. This is very important if you consider that most online travel users are new to e-commerce in general, we believe that having a good first experience is key the growth of the online market in general.

Beyond having the biggest online travel offer in Indonesia and providing a good user experience, NusaTrip wants to build a positive brand image among travellers with its consumer friendly pricing practice. NusaTrip has a no hidden cost policy on the web site. All prices are all inclusive, users can buy on its website in confidence, knowing that the price they see is the price they will have to pay, and nothing more. The global online travel market being quite competitive, many players tend to use “hidden” pricing practices when they sell in Asian countries.

Furthermore, the promise of online travel is that people can buy flights and hotels anywhere, anytime. In Indonesia, being a vast archipelago, where online payment is slowly becoming a reality. NusaTrip believe it is key to offer 24/7 ATM payment to its users (with near instant e-ticket or voucher issuance). Very few e-commerce players offer this service. NusaTrip supports ATM payment with 77 banks in Indonesia (via ATM Bersama), including banks that have ATM in medium and small villages all around Indonesia.

Having access to all this information and pricing available on empowers anybody to be able to plan its own trip anywhere, check flight prices from all major airlines, know what the hotel room rate to their next destination.

Nusatrip is part of the GLB group (PT. Gema Lintas Benua), a diversified group of companies focusing on investment in several industries in Indonesia. GLB business units operate this various industries : Telecommunication, Energy, E-commerce, EPC and Property.

Plan your trip with, get plane tickets and hotel rooms at the best price in the shortest time, all available through the touch of finger.

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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