Lavender Farm and Blue Ocean Shapers Populate Bowie Holiday’ Misty, Dream-Like Video Series – We shares a video essay from my archive that transports us to the luscious purple landscapes of Red Hill Lavender Farm and misty horizons of Blairgowrie Front Beach on Mornington Peninsula, Australia.

During the trip, We aimed to stay away from other people as much as possible, avoiding crowds of other locals. But we, and our camera lens, couldn’t help but be attracted to the “what a wonderful world” and “the hospitable and charming nature”.

Taken on only our smartphone Samsung Galaxy S20—everything was light and compact, we try to avoid heavy gear as much as possible,—the series has a spontaneous documentary feel. Whenever we travel we try not to do too much research about the place. We prefer going with the flow and taking chances when they come along.


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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