Lay All Your Love on the Plaosan Temple, Klaten – Today we bring you to the Plaosan Temple complex in Klaten. The temple was constructed in the mid-9th century. It was a journey into the ancient Javanese world of Sailendra dynasty, magical, and mystery. The temple was built by a king, Rakai Pikatan. She married to Pramodhawardhani, a daughter of Samaratungga. Rakai Pikatan was Hindu while Pramodhawardhani was a Buddhist. Rakai Pikatan adored and loved his wife very much. Rakai Pikatan built Plaosan temple as a gift for her wife. Although he is Hindu, he built Buddhist’s temple to proved his love to his wife. For me, it is such a romantic true love story. It matters not who you love, where you love, why you love, when you love or how you love, it matters only that you love. Love is love. We can have what we want, because love wins.

Here’s what we saw:

Just a note, if you are thinking of coming please leave no trash behind. And take with only memories, photos and videos.


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