Like A Pilot To South of Great Barrier Reef, Australia

a journey with a pilot. | taken by Sony NEX-7 – I have some very exciting news to share. A dream of mine came true when I traveled to LADY ELLIOT ISLAND for the first time. I had always wanted to visit Great Barrier Reef.

It was crazy I tell you. The whole experience was just exhausting and exhilarating at the same time.

A child on a farm sees a plane fly overhead and dreams of a faraway place. A travel junkie on the plane sees the farmhouse… and thinks of home. – Carl Burns.

It will be a very exciting trip for me… a few outstanding experiences.

Here’s my outstanding experience how to be the co-pilot to south of Great Berrier Reef, Queensland – Australia.

best way to get lost.

prop-jet and me in rule things my way. | taken by Sony NEX-7

checked all the dials ‘n other things. | taken by Sony NEX-7

an impressive display. | taken by Sony NEX-7

All the way to airport, I thought ‘Can I get a window seat or not?’. Window seat is a sacred place for travel junkies, travel bloggers or sky lovers. But, in Gold Coast to Lady Elliot Island route, my seat is co-pilot. OMGGGGGG!

I met my pilot with his uniform. He did not smell of beer, or have any signs of a hangover. So far so good.

I have never be a co-pilot, flown or sat inside a small aircraft before. So then I was nervous again, and I felt a little nauseous.

We flown at 6.45am and arrived at 8.45am. I was very excited at the same time. Nauseous AND excited!

I was surprised by how little it was. I always think of commercial jet planes as being humungous mechanical beasts of the sky.

We strapped into the plane and it was tiny area. I felt like I was inside a speedboat! I was sitting shoulder to shoulder next to the pilot.

He gave me a quick briefing. Ok, time to set off.

between pilot, co-pilot and swallow sandal. | taken by Sony NEX-7

a heart felt floaty. | taken by Sony NEX-7

He swiftly fiddled with lots of buttons, knobs and switches, and checked all the dials and other things. I was very impressed with his multi-tasking abilities. He even reached between our legs and fiddled around with something.

Anyway, he was an awesome instructor for me. He explained everything nice and simply. He spoke clearly, calmly and confidently. I was – literally – trusting this guy with my life. But he seemed trust-worthy.

And, we were going to take off!

We taxied to the take-off position on the runway. We were speeding along really, really fast! Like speeding along in a golf cart, on a really bumpy golf course!!

I held my breath.

The sound and friction of the wheels on the bitumen got softer and lighter. My feet felt light. The plane angled upwards. My heart felt floaty. And the plane took off! I was soaring over trees and houses and the city of gold coast!!

Aaaah. I took off a fricking plane haha!!

There’s my pilot looking all cool in his aviator sunglasses and headphone. I should have worn mine. Would have felt more like a pilot.

The pilot was cruising along, while I lapped up gorgeous views of the city, river, beach, and the ocean.


the famous Surfer Paradise Beach from above. | taken by Sony NEX-7

gold coast from above. | taken by Sony NEX-7

This is the famous for fun city from above. It was a spectacular day for flying!!

When we were over the ocean, I was very very busy with my camera.

Yes! Me and Lady Elliot Island Prop-Jet! Wanted to do upside-down loops! The desire to have an amazing experience was all too tempting.

And I realised I had absolutely no motion sickness, or feeling of nausea. I felt… FREEEEE!

for pleasurable travel. | taken by Sony NEX-7

for a bit of petting. | taken by Sony NEX-7

a perfect start to a day. | taken by Sony NEX-7

seeking out hidden treasures. | taken by Sony NEX-7

the perfect hangover cure. | taken by Sony NEX-7

Anyway, all too soon, we had to head to the Lady Elliot Island airport.

It was just so cruisey and so cool.

Amazing 2 hours of flight.

home of the manta ray. | taken by Sony NEX-7

for smart traveling. | taken by Sony NEX-7

your new favorite island. | taken by Sony NEX-7

He did a perfect landing and we jumped out. He said ‘welcome to Lady Elliot Island’ (tropical loveland for me). Cool! That’s why this short flight is so special to me.

I love south of Great Barrier Reef and Lady Elliot Island, a place as part of a World Heritage listed area.

I was completely buzzed by the whole experience. I was drunk with satisfaction.

It was definitely a fantastic experience that was totally worth it!

For more information about Lady Elliot Island, visit


A big thank you to Lady Elliot Island, Garuda Indonesia, Tourism and Events Queensland, and Tourism Australia.

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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