Long Stay in Western Australia

WA Illustration at Perth Ambassador (Camera Sony alpha NEX-7)

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – If you are staying more than a few days, there are heaps of great places to visit that are beyond Perth.

But be warned. Australia is VERY big, and Western Australia is the biggest part of Australia. It can take a long time to get places.

So, Welcome to Western Australia!

Dolphins at Monkey Mia (Image courtesy of Tourism Western Australia)

1. Monkey Mia
For the more adventurous and outdoor sorts – Monkey Mia is a once in a lifetime trip. Monkey Mia is in Shark Bay, some 8 hours drive north of Perth, and this huge area is full of beautiful white beaches and unique environments. You can feed wild dolphins, and take wildlife boat tours to see turtles and dugongs! It is a very long drive, and perhaps best done with a tour party, or you can fly by Skippers Aviation from city of Perth in just two hours to make it all much easier.

Little Lagoon (Camera Sony alpha NEX-7)

2. Littel Lagoon
Still in in Shark Bay, just 5 kms from Denham towards Monkey Mia is Little Lagoon. This tranquil waterway is a natural nursery for whiting, plus it’s a fantastic swimming area. Little Lagoon has barbecue facilities so you can enjoy the whole day – right up until our breathtaking sunset. EXOTIC!

Amazing shell beach (Camera Sony alpha NEX-7)

3. Shell Beach
Some 45 kms south east of Denham is Shell Beach Conservation Park. Here millions of small white Coquina Shells have accumulated over time to create this unique environment. It’s estimated that in some spots the shells are ten metres deep. The beach stretches for over 120 kms around L’Haridon Bight. Coquina limestone is a natural composite of calcite crystals and shell. Many of Shark Bay’s historical buildings used blocks of this in their construction. Examples can be seen in Denham e.g. the church and the Old Pearler Restaurant, and at Nanga Bay Station’s homestead and the historic Telegraph Station at Hamelin Pool. Visitors are asked not to remove any shells or shell material. Take only photographs and leave only footprints!

Kalbarri National Park (Camera Sony alpha NEX-7)

4. Kalbarri National Park
186,096 hectares of outback adventures, dramatic gorges and dazzling wildflowers make Kalbarri National Park one of Western Australia’s most popular places to visit. For more sedate and equally breathtaking experience, drive out to the park’s many lookouts for some must-snap vistas, including the famous Nature’s Windows, the Loop, Z Bend, Hawkes Head and Roos Graham, Red Bluff and Pot Alley.

To see the park ablaze with the colours of sping, visit between July-October. Over 1,100 varieties of wildflowers are found here, from grevillias to featherflowers. You’re also likely to encounter an abundance bird life and, although most native mammals are nocturnal, you can sometimes see kangaroos and emus during the day.

Pinnacles Desert, Nambung National Park (Camera Sony Alpha NEX-7)

5. Pinnacles Desert, Nambung National Park
In this area of varying coloured sand there are thousands of limestone pinnacles, which range in size up to 5 metres tall and 2 metres thick at the base. They were formed thousands of years ago when ancient plant roots formed a week cementation of calcite within the dunes and have been exposed by wind and shifting sands.

The park is also known for its annual wildflower displays, from Aug-Oct, and has an interesting history. Much of the park is rich in limestone caves and native plants and the limestone belt supports extensive heathlands, scattered banksias, stunted gums, low tuart woodland and small wildflowers. Over 90 species of birds, common to the Swan Coastal Plain, are found in the park.

Sand-boarding at Lancelin (Camera Sony Alpha NEX-7)

6. Lancelin
This village, part of the Gingin Coast tourist area, is only 130km north of Perth on the coast route to the Pinnacles. Situated on the sparkling turquoise waters of Lancelin Bay and nestled against the spectacular Lancelin provides a unique tourist destination.

Here activities include fishing, snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing and Lancelin is a world famous sand-boarding location. For those who just need a relaxing holiday – Lancelin is just the place.

Well, Western Australia! you stole my heart.

A big thank you to Tourism Western Australia, Garuda Indonesia, and the others for the excellent #DiscoverPerth #DiscoverWA trip.

So, free to comment and add some of your destinations and tips when exploring Western Australia.

Happy Green Travels.

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  1. It looks incredible. I’ve been to Australia twice, but never made it very far West. I’d really love to though! Pinnacles Desert looks especially interesting.

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