Lost in SPA at Hotel Gran Mahakam, Jakarta

Thetraveljunkie.org – I was so excited. I’m a spa junkie!

Somebody is going to rub warm oil all over my body and do away with all the stress and tension in my muscles. And maybe if I’m lucky, this person will be a tall, Javanese young lady, sexy and with big strong hands… haha ok, I’m just kidding.

I arrived at the SPA Hotel Gran Mahakam. And it was gorgeous! It was a modern spa in Jakarta that transformed the space into a chic and comfy place to relax and pamper myself.

The atmosphere was perfect – warm and inviting, flowers, magazines, fresh lighting, gorgeous wall colours… it was really nice.

I filled out a form and chose from the menu. I had signed up for 90 minutes Mahakam Signature Massage and 30 minutes Rejuvenated Face Massage.

And I met my therapist. She was not tall and dark. Nor did she have big hands. So, a small handed, oriental woman. She was a very nice person.

She led me into a treatment room, which was surprisingly bare.

There was a bed, bathtube, shower, etc. The walls and ceiling were completely white, and the floor was covered with brown wooden-look laminate.

So I took my clothes off. She washed my feet in a hot tub of water. Tibetan music soothed in the background.

I lay down and put my face through the special hole in the bed.

The therapist uses a mix of Javanese, Swedish, Balinese, and acupressure techniques to ply a tense neck, legs, back, arms, abs, head, achy shoulders, and feet that have been on the roads all day. I have no doubt that she was technically excellent.

Thus, rejuvenated face massage was just as fantastic as the massage. All the while she was cleansing and exfoliating my face.

I felt my cheeks rosy and soft, my upper body loose and relaxed.

And I felt calmed and lighter the rest of the day and slept deeply all night. It was lovely!

A perfect getaway for travel junkies, business traveler and families to relax and unwind after a day’s work or pampering over the holiday.

Overall, the SPA was fantastic. I was very happy with the experience. I’d do it again.

For more information about the SPA, visit www.granmahakam.com.


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