Thetraveljunkie.org – It’s not even a secret that I love Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge. A 12-Dual Pixel Megapixel Sensor, optical image stabilization and an f/1.7 lens make the rear camera one of the best on any smartphone. The Galaxy S7’s low-light performance is especially good and a marked improvement, the high level of detail, good balance of what light is available and lack of blur all make for beautiful night-time shots. This is why I believe that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the one to have, which for me, is super useful. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is getting rave reviews for its camera performance, especially in low-light. The Galaxy S7 Edge come with a 12 Mega Pixel OIS camera with Dual Pixel technology, which mean the camera can focus as quickly and as accurately as you would with your own eyes and takes smartphone photography to an all-new level.

Here are some photos taken with the Galaxy S7 Edge. I shot this in automatic, handheld, and several hours after the set had set.

I mostly left the camera app in pro and automatic and was hugely impressed by the results, especially the speed of the autofocus like a DSLR camera, blessing DualPixel technology. There is a full manual mode for those who want it, which records three seconds of video before each photo, and a mode for taking photos of food.

The 5MP front camera still gets the job done. Pandering to selfie-takers looking for the perfect Instagram shot, it softens photos to flatter you and create a more even skin complexion. There are also a range of ‘beautifying’ controls to make your face thinner and eyes larger.

Taken at Mercure Jakarta Simatupang in South Jakarta, this photos shows the scope of what we are convinced is the best camera in Android phones. Keep going for more pictures from the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

The detailed image shows how good the camera is with low-light. It is rare for any smartphone to offer a night shot so subtle. A perfect low-light shot taken from the Galaxy S7 Edge.

A picture of a butterfly taken from the Galaxy S7 Edge which shows the full scope of what you can do with this smartphone camera. Thank you, DUAL Pixel technology!

For more details, visit www.samsung.com.

And now the question is, where shall we go next?


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