Luncheon Endless Seaview at Garpu Restaurant, Candidasa – Bali – My friends and I went to Candidasa for diving and to have a luncheon experience… somewhere really, really special.

I chose Garpu Restaurant, because I had heard so many positive things about their lunch menu. I was soooo excited!

We arrived at 1.30pm and the decor was modern tropical and elegant. serene breeze, endless seaview and delicate gastronomy experience are the three main elements of GARPU, an ocean side restaurant located in Eastern Bali.

Thai Green Salad – This was my favorite dish. I couldn’t stop exclaiming how amazing it tasted.

I absolutely love Thai-style salad.

Ayam Maharaja – It was a pleasure to eat. The combination of textures was so interesting – it was quirky, creative, so interesting and absolutely delicious. We love the sambals!

It what a wonderful dish.

Mille Feuille – Again I almost licked this dessert plate clean. I loved the weird and wonderful combination of everything. Fantastic!

They were so well presented.

DONE! Phew what a journey.

My friends, chef and I talked and laughed throughout the whole day. Of course, we mainly talked about the food: the combinations of food, the cooking techniques, the funny posh wording of the food, guessing the ingredients and describing the flavours.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Anyway, I really appreciated that the friendliness and professionalism of the staff.

Over all, it was a fascinating and fun gastronomic experience.

Even though I can honestly say that some ingredients of some dishes didn’t suit my taste, we applaud the chef for designing such a considered, creative, modern and incredible menu.

I definitely recommend it for a super-special occasion!

Garpu Restaurant

Rama Candidasa Resort & Spa

Jalan Raya Sengkidu, Karangasem



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