Luxurious Getaways To Mertelu Village

vacation is the best medicine. but, diseases and insects can seriously damage rice crops if not managed well. – Vacation is the best medicine. Mertelu village has a special village in my heart. I love the people, food, the energy, the river and some hills. A touristic little village in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta.

Normally not the big smiles kinda person when it comes to pictures.. though I can be very in real life…

But this vacation situation just makes me so happy that it comes automatically? this was yesterday´s very luxurious getaways.

deeply touched by the incredible hospitality

hand tractors help farmers prepare their land for rice production. the aim of land preparation for rice production is to place the soil in the best physical condition for crop growth and to ensure that the soil surface is level.

harvesting can be done manually or mechanically. It’s Mertelu village traditional harvesting, the process of collecting the mature rice crop from the field. Depending on the variety, a rice crop usually reaches maturity at around 115-120 days after crop establishment. harvesting activities include cutting, stacking, handling, threshing, cleaning, and hauling. Good harvesting methods help maximize grain yield and minimize grain damage and deterioration.

at sir sunarto home, it’s all about mertelu village postharvest methods include, drying, storing, milling, and processing

allow yourself to enjoy each happy moment in your life

mertelu village natural shower areas

We went out biking and then discovered a very lovely mertelu village and other village in the middle of nowhere. WONDERFUL!

Will definitely do more biking in the future.

A big thanks to sir Sugio and Sunarto family. I’m deeply touched by the incredible experience and hospitality in Mertelu village.

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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