Mamuya Hot Springs in Galela, North Halmahera

wash wash wash scene. – Hi travel junkies! While we were in Tobelo. We visited Mamuya hot spring in Galela, North Halmahera.

Galela is a region best for its beautiful forests, tropical farms, rice fields, springs and overall stunning views. It is only 15 kms (about 45 minutes drive) from Tobelo town.

We arrived at 5pm (millions of locals take a bath and wash on the springs) when the hot spring is considered to be the holiest and most auspicious. Damn, it wasn’t a dream!

The source of this hot spring is the volcano of the same name towering just behind.

I had an incredible time!


Here’s what we did:

dark afternoon.

the small one area.

a walking in the beautiful forests

the naked kiss.

springs water lovers.

stuck on you.

red bar evening.

the modern hot springs pool scene.

aerostat lazy style.

hysteria like a local.

Locals believe the waters of the hot spring do good for your skin, therefore it is always busy with visitors who want to test its curative powers.

It was a very unusual and stimulating sensation!

Well, Ensure that you collect all your rubbish and any litter you find as well. Plastics in particular are a serious threat to springs life.


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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