Maxiblock Sunscreen Australia For Everyday – Today we will to show you one of our favourite Australian products. In this current crisis we are all focused on wearing our masks and protecting ourselves. We all know how important it is for our physical and mental wellbeing to be outside whether it is walking, running, surfing or other exercise. Don’t forget while you’re out and about exercising to protect your skin from the Australian sun. We love Maxiblock Sunscreen Australia products.

We wear sunscreen everyday on our face, neck and chest, shoulders, arms and hands but hate being sticky so the dry touch of Maxiblock is perfect.

Some tips on how to enjoy exercise safely:

1). Wear a mask if you live in metro Melbourne or Mitchell Shire.

2). Bring sunglasses, hats and wear sunscreen.

3). Wear good walking shoes.

4). Bring your own water bottles. Australian’s have access to some of the cleanest drinking water on the planet.

5). Keep your distance – stay 1.5 metres away from people you don’t live with.

6). Wash your hands and take a shower.

What are our favourite Maxiblock products? Essential dry touch lotion with SPF 50+, Kinder dry touch lotion with SPF 50+, ZincOn Bronze SPF 30, and Lip Balm Moisturising SPF 50+.

Maxiblock Sunscreen Australia provides us the protection and the peace of mind that is required to safely enjoy the outdoors.

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Happy Sustainable Travels!

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