Melbourne Sweet Dreams Tour

morning talk with andrew. | taken with Sony NEX-7 – A dream of mine came true when my friends and I took Sweet Dreams tour of South Yarra for the first time.

Dedicated to anyone who loves food as much as I do. Through a very unique travel agency called Queenie’s Food Tours (who specialize in foods) we found a contestant on season 5 of MasterChef Australia 2013 named Andrew Prior, who has built a beautiful tour and knows Melbourne’s food produce intimately.

Never did I imagine that we would run our hands through the legendary Lolli Cake and watch it light up with french pasteries and a large range of bread, see doughnuts and dossants in the wild, swim over a massive macarons and chocolates.

See below for everything from our sweet dreams tour of South Yarra.

01). LuxBites

bernard chu with my fav banoffee. | taken with Sony NEX-7

Having coffee/tea and slice of the legendary Lolli Cake from that cooking show. Ya it’s seven layers, each layer is a different famous Australian lolly.
38 Toorak Rd, South Yarra VIC 3141 |

02). French Fantasies

song on french fantasies. | taken with Sony NEX-7

some of french deli. | taken with Sony NEX-7

Serves real french pasteries, delicious cakes and a large range of bread. There is also a great selection of french deli and small goods on offer from the shop next to the cafe.
15 Toorak Rd, South Yarra VIC 3141 |

03). Zumbo

zumbo scene. | taken with Sony NEX-7

Gained a reputation for delicious creations that are made for reality stars to make in challenges.
12-14 Claremont St, South Yarra VIC 3141 |

04). Burch and Purchese

darren with his kitchen. | taken with Sony NEX-7

Inventive flavours rule at South Yarra outpost of this much-loved confectioner and a well known employee in Kylie Millar a contestant on series 4 of MasterChef Australia. Ah finally, I met a Darren Purchese here!
647 Chapel St, South Yarra VIC 3141 |

05). Tivoli Road Bakery (formerly Movida Bakery)
Chef and baker Michael James is now leading the team and apart from amazing breads (which freeze a treat) they are very well known for their famous doughnuts and dossants.
3 Tivoli Road, South Yarra VIC 3141 |

06). A La Foile

a la foile in the red. | taken with Sony NEX-7

mercede and me. | taken from instagram @traveljunkieid

michael buble and mercede. | taken from instagram @macaronandpetitschoux

A La Folie was just a supplier but Mercede the owners is running their first shop. Here we will get to taste macarons that live up to the best on offer in the area.
589 Chapel St, South Yarra VIC 3141 |

07). Ganache Chocolate

arno with his chocolates and students. | taken with Sony NEX-7

Arno and Sian the proud owners of the business gave us a tour of the kitchen and a run through of their products and history.
250 Toorak Rd, South Yarra VIC 3141 |

Note to self: Must NOT eat on day before a Queenie’s food tour!

Special thanks to Queenie’s Food Tours,ย  Tourism Victoria, Tourism Australia for treating us and hosting this adventure in food we were incredibly lucky to take, and will never, ever forget.


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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