Mmm Delicious! Ice Dawet Selasih Ala City of Solo

Ice Dawet Selasih Ala City of Solo – Hi travel junkies, I had a really wonderful, simple, but meaningful day. Are you in city of Solo or Surakarta?

We are here, city of Solo. Azis Abdullah brought Bagus Wicaksono, Travel Junkie Indonesia, and travel like a local to Pasar Gede. We love Ice Dawet Selasih. And I’ve always felt “full” after drinking it.

This is our favourite drink so far – It is so SO good. It’s been AMAZING for us. Perfectooo!

This refreshment consists of several sweet dessert items – from black sticky rice, coconut-based pandan porridge (bubur sumsum), rice-flour and sago jelly (cendol), fermented cassava, and basil (selasih) mixed with shaved ice. There are many Dawet sellers in Pasar Gede.

So yes, a lovely and simple day. Travel like a local at here. It was indeed priceless.


Happy Green Travels!

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