MORI NO GOHANYA CHERISH, SENDAI IZUMI PREMIUM OUTLETS – I had the absolute pleasure of eating at Mori No Gohanya Cherish, Sendai Izumi Premium Outlets. Anyway despite all the fanfare, I arrived and there was absolutely no sense of a pretentious, pompous, self congratulating “We are SO highly sought after, therefore YOU should be SO lucky to dine here” vibe. The atmosphere was humble, simple, minimal and modern.

Here are some photos of Mori No Gohanya Cherish, Sendai Izumi Premium Outlets, one of Sendai’s most modern areas. It’s super welcoming, has great music and more importantly. Yep, I would go back in a snap and and would love to share the experience with my friends and family.

A big thank you Japan National Tourism Organization, ANA, and my readers for following and supporting me on this journey!

And now the question is, where shall we go next?


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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