Most Romantic Things to Do in Togean Islands

Romantic Sunset at Togean Islands (Photograph courtesy of bora_horza)

Romantic Togeans
Assuming you have a romantic partner with whom to experience all that Togean Islands has to offer, Togeans can be one of the most romantic places on the planet. The diversity of opportunities for romance is unparalleled anywhere in the world. Blissful beaches, plentiful coral and a place to live the life of a lotus eater, the Togean Islands fit the bill. This archipelago of beautiful coral and volcanic isles in the middle of Teluk Tomini is a riot of blue, gold and green.

Take a Romantic Walk on the Beach
“Love long walks on the beach” has become the cliche of the personal ad and online dating profile for the simple reason that almost everyone loves long walks on the beach and finds walking on the beach romantic, even if you’re the kind of person who would rather walk on the paved beach path than get your feet sandy. This one should almost be a given for any couple visiting Togeans.

A Romantic Day at the Beach in Togeans
Even if you don’t care much for walking, a relaxing day enjoying the warmth of the sun on Togeans Beaches can be a romantic way to spend an afternoon. Bring a picnic and make a day of it.

Romance on the Water on a Charter Sailboat or Yacht
Book a charter complete with skipper, or if you’re a skilled sailor, rent a boat and pack a picnic for a day out on the water, or sail to Una Una Island for lunch.

Lionfish (Photograph courtesy of bora_horza)

Take a Romantic Diving & Snorkling
The Togeans are the only place in Indonesia where you can find all three major reef environments – atoll, barrier and fringing reefs – in one location. Two atolls and their deep lagoons lie to the northwest of Pulau Batu Daka. Barrier reefs surround many islands at the 200m depth contour (5km to 15km offshore), and fringing reefs surround all of the coasts, merging with the sea grass and mangroves. There is also a sunken WWII B-24 bomber plane, which is a 30-minute trip by speedboat (or one hour by normal boat) from Kadidiri. The mix of coral and marine life is spectacular and unusually diverse, although many reefs have sadly been badly damaged by bomb and cyanide fishing. The more conspicuous residents include brightly marked coral lobsters, a colony of dugong, schools of a hundred or more dolphins, the occasional whale, commercially important species of trepang (sea cucumber), and natural pearls.

Pick a Romantic Spot for a Proposal
If you’re thinking about popping the question, Togean Islands has some truly unique opportunities to make it a memorable moment. Here are my suggestions for Romantic (sometimes crazy) ways to propose in Togean Islands.

Spend a Romantic Living like a ‘Sea Gypsies’
Nomadic Bajo ‘sea gypsies’ still dive for trepang, pearls and other commercially important marine produce, as they have done for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. The Bajo are huntergatherers who spend much of their lives on boats, travelling as families wherever they go. There are several permanent Bajo settlements around the Togean Islands, and even some stilt villages on offshore reefs, but the itinerant character of Bajo culture still survives. Newlyweds are
put in a canoe and pushed out to sea to make their place in the world. When they have children, the fathers dive with their three-day-old babies to introduce them to life on the sea.

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