Museum of Shadowgraph in Shosenkyo – We arrived in Shosenkyo to Museum of Shadowgraph on a very special. We are so happy and drying to tell you all about it.. In the meantime, here are some photos of the museum. We cannot stop falling in love with Shosenkyo, we enjoy its bridges, panorama-dai and museum, coffee shop terraces and it’s magical light.

The museum, organized and designed by the world-famous shadowgraph artist, Fujishiro Seiji, a representative of Japan, was established in Shosenkyo Gorge in 1992. The museum is the world’s first shadowgraph museum, as recorded in the Guinness Book in 1994.

Go to the shadowgraph exhibition room on the basement floor. You will be surprised because the room is dark, but in the next moment, gentle light with beautiful colors appears in the darkness. Tiny fairies and animals shown in silhouette dance and sing happily in the light.

The fantastic and splendid images with light and shadow make visitors feel warm inside. There are also regular exhibitions of more than 30 art works of Yamashita Kiyoshi, so called “the Japanese van Gogh,” and 25 art works of the Taisho Period artistic genius, “Takehisa Yumeji.” Although Yamashita Kiyoshi is famous for his paper-mosaic works, his pen drawings in this museum are also impressive. You will be surprised with his technique in expressing shading and shadows of objects with only fine dots and lines.

The works of Takehisa Yumeji, portraits of slender and big-eyed women, still attract modern people with their sentimental and delicate atmosphere. In addition, there are special exhibitions of various art works planned every year.

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And now the question is, where shall we go next?


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