My Little Komodo Dragon – Hi travel junkies! Do you have animals names for your sneakers?

For 4 year old, I call him my little Komodo Dragon.

And when I do, he responds with a “Lay lay!”

Haha it’s so travel blogger.

The name came about the time when I visited Komodo National Park

He didn’t look so much like a LIVING KOMODO… but more like a MUSHROOM GILI TRAWANGAN?! But with a big smell?!

Anyway, the name stuck.

Total bliss!!

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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  1. I have a pair of Reebok sandal that I’m used to calling “Bok! Let’s go, Bok!”

    It turns out awkward sometimes especially when you’re with people that know you so well they wouldn’t think of you using ‘bahasa gaul ibukota’ 😉

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