My Trip My Adventure: Batu Cermin, Labuhan Bajo – My Trip My Adventure TransTV and I spent a night in Labuhan Bajo. We love visiting different spots in our country and we went looking for Batu Cermin. This limestone outcrop also known as Mirror Rock, includes a series of caves located about 4km east of town. The main cave is in the centre of the outcrop – take the ladder walkway up and around into the longest canyon, then proceed through a series of chambers to where the cave opens into a towering, narrow canyon.

This is the ‘mirror rock’ that gives the outcrop its name; between 9am and 10am, depending on the time of year, the sun shines into the canyon and reflects off the walls, but it’s hardly spectacular.

NONETHELESS, we discussed their possible age, mythology, history and local folklore around the limestone outcrop – and if we used our imagination, it was kind of amazing to think what they could have meant and how long they could have been there.

Just a note, if you are thinking of coming please leave no trash behind. And take with only memories, photos and videos.

Stay tuned for our #MTMA3thunity adventures with My Trip My Adventure TransTV in the Waerebo.


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