Nias Island Fashion Show, Absolutely Amazing! – Hi travel junkies!

This blog post NOT about New York Fashion Week or Stockholm Fashion Week. But, I attended a fashion show in the middle of the Nias island… but with a difference. AAAKK!

I had the honour and pleasure of being invited to Sir Hikayat (Bawomataluo village chief) fashion show.

We were all here to view and take pictures in the house while he still drees up as a leader in war dance.

A few outstanding experiences.

A hundred of men also been prepared dressed as warrior with Sir Hikayat command they cheering and dancing at the village yard.

It’s hard to describe. Gorgeous flowing vests, drapes in jewel tones, lots of deep yellows, golds and blacks, warrior’s neck emblem, gold elaborate headgear, ornate gothic embroidery in a niassan style.

Here, look at my photos from the runway. All photos taken by Sony a65v.

This show was very, very edutaining for me. I was excited about getting an education. Loved it!


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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