On the Road… From Hanoi to Halong Bay

my friends and i at hang sung sot.

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – Hi travel junkies! After Ho Chi Min and Hanoi trip. My friend and I traveled to Halong Bay, Vietnam. so we relied on an awesome travel agency, Hanspan, to tell us how to do it right.

The night before the event, I put some playlist into my player music, packed my bag for 2 Day in the Bay. And I was all ready to go.

After that, I felt very calm and I was REALLY looking forward to the next day. THAT’S how excited I was.

waiting scene at.

on the street to the beautiful halong bay.

plenty of time to relax and soak up the sun.

wow relax.

The next morning, We all woke up at 6am, breakfast, and went to travel agency office. Jumped into the the car and drove to Halong Bay.

The Halong Bay is a small piece of heaven, the most astonishing place you could ever imagine.

Two thousand islands dotted throughout six hundred square miles of magnificent turquoise sea.

I’m glad I did. It was 4 hours drove to Halong City through the Red River Delta, but worth every minute of the journey.

On the street, I watched as the city gave way to suburbs, to industry, to rice fields, that would eventually deposit us in Halong Bay.

We arrived at 12pm. There are over 600 boats in Ha Long Bay serving local and international tourism. Why so many boats? Because the limestone formations are just that wonderful.

wet halong city.

heaven will wait.

on the boat to our traditional junk.

our traditional junk.

heaven for everyone.

stairway to heaven.

And, jumped into our the treasure junk. Started cruising from Hon Gai pier to the boundaries of Halong bay while lunch. In situations like these, I’m thinking about Raja Ampat and Togean!?!

We really are very lucky. Life is sooo good. Thank God that took us visiting Halong Bay.

I was beaming with a relaxed glow. Well I guess I was going to find out!

It was a simple and easy holiday, but we all had a fantastic time


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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