On The Road… From Semarang To Magelang

the state i am in.

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – The natural environment is of course very impressive. We drove down the Semarang and we had to stop in Magelang to see the Borobudur temple with our own eyes.

On the road… we were accompanied by a beautiful bright sky and long rice field as we continued our journey.

Belle and Sebastian’s Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John became our theme song for this trip.

“Travel south until your skin turns warmer.
Travel south until your skin turns brown.
Put a language in your head and get on a train.
And then come back to the one you love.”
– Belle & Sebastian feat. Norah Jones

like bowie in the movies.

i’m not living in the real world.

the magic of a kind word.

write about love.

It was a really nice afternoon.

We really are very lucky. Life is sooo good. Thank God that took us see Central Java.

Aaaah… Central Java made me feel alive again. You’re always going to be the very best part of me.


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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