One Afternoon in Bibliotheek Indische Buurt, Amsterdam – I headed down to Oba Biblioteek Indische Buurt with 3 other localfriends. When I saw the 12,000 music CDs, I was struck with spontaneous craziness, stripped off and jumped in – in my black-major fx headphone from Marshall. When it rained, we did a lot of sitting around and listening. I finished 5 CDs and 2 books, which felt awesome to accomplish.

In fact, one afternoon, we plopped down on the couch at 2pm and the 2 of us sat quietly to read, listening to nothing but the pouring rain. We read until 6pm and someone yawned sleepily, “Maybe we should make dinner?!”

That was a golden moment!

Anyway that’s enough photos, here’s to relaxing breaks and spontaneous fun!

Hope you enjoy your week.

Bibliotheek Indische Buurt
Javaplein 2, 1094 HW

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