Oodles of Groodles

Thetraveljunkie.org – We have loved getting to know these 9 little bundles of joy over the last 8 weeks. And as they all head out to their new homes we’d like to introduce you to Lexie’s adorable little puppies. Lexie is a groodle, a fabulous dog breed of golden retriever crossed with a standard poodle. After artificial insemination we all waited excitedly to see if she was pregnant and if so how many pups she was carrying. What a surprise to hear there were 9 babies!

All born healthy and absolutely gorgeous they have grown up so quickly and here are some highlights from their first 8 weeks of life. Meet Teddy, Ginger, Bailey, Robbie Downey Jr, Coco, Bella, Daisy, Murphy and Occy. 9 little personalities all heading out with their new families. Well done Lexie and the rest of the family on raising these adorable puppies.

A short film:


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