Our Javanese Pride at The Sunan Hotel Solo

Thetraveljunkie.org – We stay in many hotels around the world so it’s nice when you have a restaurant that stays true to its culture and heritage. That’s the case at  The Sultan Hotel Solo which serves an authentic Javanese breakfast in its Narendra restaurant. We loved the little touches that make Javanese food so unique like the steamed coconut cream atop nasi liwet and the various bubur such as the sumsum and mutiara. We love a hotel that is so confident in itself that it serves local food without trying to imitate anyone else. So well done The Sunan Hotel Solo – your Javanese breakfast was great. 

For traditional Solo hospitality and local food try www.thesunanhotelsolo.com.

Stay tuned for more adventures around Central Java with @thebojoku in Indonesia.


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