Outdoor Life in Stockholm, Sweden

Thetraveljunkie.org – As the biggest city in Scandinavia, Stockholm is a city of experiences. An eye for detail, good street style and strong public services make this a pleasant place to build a nest. Add proximity to nature and a bustling city centre to the proximity of stylish Swedes and you have an environment that’s perfect for both business and leisure. And, here are my favorite outdoor life in the city.

01). SWIMMING. Few cities can boast both sandy and rocky beaches right in the middle of town. Popular swimming areas include Långholmsbadet, Smedsuddsbadet, Rålambshovsbadet and Tantolunden.

02). PADDLE. Rent a kayak, paddle among all the city’s islands and walk ashore when you feel like it. Have a coffee break, or even take a swim before paddling onward. An incredibly special way to discover Stockholm. | www.sjocafeet.se, www.stockholmadventures.com.

03). SAFARI. Take a guided safari just outside of Stockholm. Here is your chance to see moose and other animals, and to learn more about Swedish flora and fauna. | www.stockholmadventures.com,  www.sthlmoutback.se.

04). CYCLE. Cycling is a fun way to discover the city, either on your own or in a guided group. Bikes are available for rent in several locations. | www.sjocafeet.se, www.citybikes.se, www.bikesweden.se, www.stockholmadventures.com, www.djurgardscykeln.se.

05). FISHING. As a visitor in Stockholm, it won’t be long before you notice all the fishermen outside the Royal Palace and Parliament Building. If you want to give it a try, you can rent equipment. | www.parterrfiske.se.

06). SKIING. How about a day on the slopes? Hammarbybacken, which is close to downtown, has several slopes and offers wintertime skiing, snow-boarding, and ski lessons; you can also give the fun park a try. | www.skistar.com.

07). JET SKI. Take a ride on Yamaha FX Cruider jet skis and explore the beautiful archipelago of stockholm. | www.fejan.se.

Stay tuned for my adventures in Stockholm.


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