Pasar Gawok: The Javanese Traditional Market in Sukoharjo

Explore pasar gawok on your two feet | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7 – This morning I woke up, looked out my window and OMG it was such a beautiful day!

I love to travel like a local and share snapshots from traditional market.

We were here, Pasar Gawok! Fita Fito brought Anisa Na, Azis Abdullah, Ringga Prayudha, and Travel Junkie Indonesia, to Pasar (market) Gawok.

The sense of traditional market holds strong in Pasar Gawok.

Yes, it’s pasar gawok | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7

the Javanese traditional hats | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7

Anisa Na and heart | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7

It’s a great traditional market for just pointing, shooting, buying, selling and learning.

Located at Gatak, Sukoharjo. Pasar Gawok is the real wonder of Javanese traditional market. It takes about 20 minutes to travel from Solo to Pasar Gawok.

If you wonder to see the traditional market crowd you should come at Pon and Legi days (Javanese Calender).

al-hijamah or bekam darah | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7

the traditional blacksmith | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7

the rooster fighting crowd | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7

Getuk pasar gawok | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7

Gulai kambing pasar gawok | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7

In this market, I found many blacksmith stands lined up and how the traditional blacksmith create weapon, hoe, sickle, etc. And, next area I found people selling livestock like goat, chicken, duck, swan, bird, etc.

The most interesting area is the rooster fighting crowd. So many adult males contesting their rooster, people circled, and crowded contesting their rooster.

And, I have heard a lot of good reviews and things about traditional food like gethuk, jadah, jenang, sate kambing, gulai kambing, etc. So, we were very curious to try it out. It is so SO good. It’s been AMAZING for us. Perfectooo!

There were a lot of other dishes that I wanted to try… but we ran out of time.

a traditional barber shop | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7

Ringga getting a group of travel junkies ready for their first music tour around pasar gawok | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7

Pasar gawok lovers | image courtesy of Azis Abdullah

Pasar Gawok is very interesting that almost all the “recommended”, where travel junkies could see how local people interact in the market.

We had a fantastic time and we were indeed glowing.

So yes, a lovely and simple day. It was indeed priceless.

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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