Pasola : Let The Battles Commence

Pasola war festival in Sumba Island (Photograph courtesy of – A riotous tournament between two teams of spear-wielding, ikat-clad horsemen, the Pasola has to be one of the most extravagant, and bloodiest, harvest festivals in the world.

Riders risk life and limb as they aim wooden spears at each other during a Pasola war festival in Sumba Island, Indonesia. Pasola is a traditional Sumba ritual sport held in the belief it will ensure a good harvest.

Held annually in February and March, it takes the form of a ritual battle – not so much a quarrel between opposing forces as a need for human blood to be spilt to keep the spirits happy and bring a good harvest.

On February 13-16th, 2012. Pasola is celebrated in the Kodi area (centred on Kampung Tosi) and the Lamboya area (Kampung Sodan); in March it’s in the Wanokaka area (Kampung Waigalli) and the remote Gaura area west of Lamboya (Kampung Ubu Olehka). And, “According to the tourism calendar 2012. Pasola will be held on March 26-27,  2012.” said @Indtravel reply to @TravelJunkieID on twitter. Wonderful Indonesia!

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