Picnic At Hanging Rock, Victoria

Thetraveljunkie.org – Victoria looks so darn magical. Hanging Rock has for sure made its way onto the list. To put it simply, the Hanging Rock is 70km north-east of Melbourne, the setting for the famous book and film Picnic at Hanging Rock. It taken about 1 hour 35 minutes to drive there. The six million year old rare volcanic formation rises up on a plain between two tiny townships 70km northwest of Melbourne.

The legend endures, and an air of mystery and intrigue still lingers. Less commonly known as Mount Diogenes, it comprises several distinctive outcrops including the β€˜Hanging Rock’, a boulder suspended between other boulders under which is the main entrance path. The mound of massive granite tors is riddled with caves, tunnels and overhanging boulders, its shapes and acoustic echoes enhancing its already spooky reputation.

It was a sacred Aboriginal site for the Wurundjeri people.

The day was a bit cold too. We had daytime temperatures between 18C and 21C , and there was no wind and no rain.

So in fact, it was perfect for hiking and bush walking.

The tracks were easy to walk along, but once we went off the track, everything looked the same and it was a bit disorientating.

We ascended the rock to the 105-metre summit for a bird’s-eye view over the surrounding flat plain and farmland, and the thickly-forested Macedon and Cobaw ranges.

The view from on top of the rock was stunning!

Overall it was a beautiful place and it was so serene, quiet and still.

In fact, the whole place had a magical and spiritual quality to it.

It was a fun day out!

More info about the Hanging Rock here.

Stay tuned for more of our adventures in Victoria, Australia.


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