Postcards from Dodola Islands

Dodola Sunrise (Image courtesy of Adrian Mulya) – Yes I am back home in Dodola Islands. It’s a little island off the coast of Morotai, fringed with white sand as soft as powder snow, paired with an even smaller island by a narrow isthmus which disappears altogether at high tide.

Dodola Islands is a home and a sexy place by day. By night, occupying one of the grandiose wooden beach chalets constructed by the government and then, well, quietly forgotten about, it’s stellar.

Cooking on the beach, splashing in the crystal waters with glittering droplets fluttering around you, all under a dazzling night sky.

Everyday is like weekend in Dodola (Image courtesy of Adrian Mulya)

Tropical Loveland in Paradise (Image courtesy of Adrian Mulya)

Sea Gipsy in Dodola Islands

Dodola Sunset (Image courtesy of Adrian Mulya)

Dazzling Night in Dodola (Image courtesy of Adrian Mulya)

A big thank you to all my friends Tobelo Lovers and the others for the excellent trip.

Happy Green Travels!

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