Postcards from Equator Monument in Pontianak – I have some pretty cool news to share!

City tour in Pontianak. And Iโ€™m SO GOING!

The official monument marking the equator was originally erected in 1928 as a simple obelisk mounted with a metallic arrow. In 1930 a circle was welded to the arrow, in 1938 another circle was added in the other direction and its subsequent incarnation is unintentionally funny, looking like a giant gyroscope on a pillar.

The caretakers then encased the original in a building in 1991 and built a huge replica. On 23 March and 23 September, the monument is engulfed by thousands of Pontianak residents who come to see the shadowless sun.

To get to the monument, take a bis kota (intercity bus), an angkot from the Siantan bus terminal heading northwest on the highway, rent a motorbike or car. The monument is right on the highway, and even if you can’t get your tongue around the name for equator – khatulistiwa, taken from Arabic – people will know what you mean.

A big thank you to Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy,, Vicky, Elsa, M. Rahman and the others for the excellent trip.

Happy Green Travels!

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