Rama Spa’s Ancestral Balinese Spiritual in Bali

Thetraveljunkie.org – I’m very lucky to live a life well traveled. Disconnect from the world and reconnect with my inner spirit.

Experience a total rejuvenation both on my physical and spiritual. Rama Spa provides a peaceful sanctuary enriched by authentic Balinese culture.

Pampering is a nuanced art. With native ingredients, remote locales and traditional techniques practiced for centuries, spa treatments can be as diverse as they are decadent.

Ancestral Balinese Spiritual: Foot ritual – blessing mantra prayers – full body 20 fingers massage – blessing mantra prayers.

A full spiritual and physical traditional Balinese head and body massage with 2 therapists. Will relieve stress and activate blood circulation top to toes. Mantra prayers will attract God’s blessings for a better life. It was a wonderful massage!

Ancestral Balinese Spiritual is the new luxury.

After the massage, I was ushered to the corner and served with herbal tea and some snacks.

Overall, a life well traveled also means not only looking at the past but learning about the future. Rama Spa always inspires me to be in such a cool place and tradition. You might expect that type of modern inspiration to be found in Aarhus, not Rama Spa. That surprise is what makes it so rewarding.

I can’t wait to go back to Rama Spa. Like the best adventures, it leaves you wanting more.

Ready to begin your own journey?

Rama Spa

Rama Beach Resort & Villas

Jl. Jenggala Tuban,

Kuta – Bali


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