Ratu Boko Temple: the Lost Masterpiece Palace Complex from the 8th Century

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – The history of Ratu Boko, begin with Prambanan are a large number of inscription dating from the second half of the eight century to the middle of ninth century have been found on Ratu Boko hill and at the Kalasan, Loro Jongrang, Sewu, Plaosan and other candi.

The lost masterpiece palace complex from the 8th century, the only Hindu and Buddhist mixed-architectural archaeological site.

In particular, the Sanskrit inscription dated in 856 AD is important. From them it can be summarized that the Buddhist Shailendra dynasty and the Hindu Mataram often cooperated with one another but that in the middle of the ninth century the later defeated the former.

Ratu Boko heritage site lies 3 km to south of Prambanan temple. Administratively, it lies between 2 village, at the east of Sumberwatu village, Sambirejo and at the south of Prambanan village.

Visit and enjoy the uniqueness of Ratu Boko temple, the beautiful view of Prambanan and Sewu temple from the top of the hill with Mount Merapi as the background can be clearly seen from this temple. Heading to the west, the beauty of Yogyakarta can also be seen. To the south, there are scenes of Seribu range of hill surrounded by temples (Barong temple, Banyunibo temple, Ijo temple, Miri temple, Bandung Bondowoso well and Dawangsari Stuppa).

Images by Borobudur Park Archive

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