Rediscover Komodo Dragons, East Nusa Tenggara – Indonesia – When in Komodo Island, We were walking around on the beach looking for komodo dragons. It was a life-changing experience.

Everything in Komodo National Park surprised me. I also learned about how these beautiful, gentle animals live.

That sense of authenticity makes you feel like a real travel junkie, discovering places and emotions for the first time.

It was amazing to just journey through the wilderness observing the animals in silence.

We followed a pride of komodo dragons and got to watch the pride stalk a komodo dragon, where it acted for hours until the komodo left.

We watched the whole encounter — I am still in complete awe.

I was intently peering through the camera lens when one komodo dragons stopped on the beach, turned his head and looked right through me. In a moment of sheer terror, I let out a screech and slid into the side of my ranger next to me.

Our ranger, just smiled and smiled!

Some moments are so unreal, pictures can’t do them justice, but when I walked into the Komodo Island, I was blown away.

Wonderful Indonesia!


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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