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Jeff Wall, ‘After ‘Invisible Man’ by Ralph Ellison, the Prologue’, 1999–2000, installation view, MCA, 2013, transparency in light box | camera Sony NEX-7 – I have some fabulous new updates from the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Australia to share with you. I had a really wonderful, simple, but meaningful days.

“Travel is like an endless university. You never stop learning.” – Harvey Lloyd.

Yes, I’m a huge history, maritime, and modern art buff. The Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) is a newly redeveloped haven for modern art buffs, incorporating spacious galleries, state-of-the-art technology, public spaces and site-specific artists commissions.

standing alone between Jeff Wall the Destroyed Room 1978 and Double Self-Portrait 1979 | camera Sony NEX-7

visitors discuss about Jeff Wall photograph exhibition | camera Sony NEX-7

learning from Jeff Wall a woman and her doctor 1980-1981 transparency in light box | camera Sony NEX-7

“Taking a photograph isolates a place and an instant from the rest of space and time, so an image is always radically solitary. The spaces between the pictures in an exhibition is an expression of that solitude.” – Jeff Wall.

Reopened in March 2012, the museum has increased in size by almost 50%, with three spacious new galleries, a rooftop cafe and Sculpture Terrace, and complete refurbishment of existing facilities.

museum of contemporary art library | camera Sony NEX-7

collecting bags 1985-87. woven sedge grass bags, woven pandanus palm bgs, hand-spun bark fibre string, ochres and natural dyes. museum of comtemporary art and maningrida arts and culture with financial assistance from the aboriginal and torres strait islander board of the australia concil, 1994 | camera Sony NEX-7

This museum offers a range of special exhibits alongside a permanent MCA collection, featuring such big names as Mikala Dwyer, Rebecca Baumann, Nick Mangan, Julie Rrap, and Ildiko Kovacs.

Discover works by more than 130 Australian artists in Volume One: MCA Collection, reflecting the breadth of Australian contemporary art over the past 20 years.

Artistic appetite sated, contunue on down George Street to uncover some of Sydney’s oldest secrets – the mysteries of The Rocks.

Wangechi Mutu, Exchuming Gluttony: Another Requiem (detail) 2011, animal pelts, wood, bottles, wine, packing tape, blackets, electrical components, synthetic, hair, daskalopoulos collection, athens, greece | camera Sony NEX-7

Wangechi Mutu, a fantastic journey installation view | camera Sony NEX-7

mom and son learning of life from Wangechi Mutu, ‘Epiglotus II’ 2007, ink, paint, glitter, carborundum, magazine collage and plastic pearls on X-ray paper | camera Sony NEX-7

discover the diverse practice of Kenyan-born, Wangechi Mutu in this beautiful full colour Moth Collection (detail) (2010) 56 ceramic figures dimensions variable Sender Collection | camera Sony NEX-7

enjoy Wangechi Mutu, ‘blackthrone XI’ (detail) 2012, wooden chair, plastic, synthetic hair, and tinsel | camera Sony NEX-7

A big thank you to Destination NSW and Garuda Indonesia. Visit for more information.

Ooh MCA, you stole my heart again!!!

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