Relaxing in Suphannika Spa, Samut Songkhram – Thailand – Today I bring you to see one of my fav spa destination in Samut Songkhram, Thailand.

Enhance my stay by getting experience of the unique Thai wellness treatments at Suphannika Spa, Baan Amphawa Resort. Discover balance of mind and body with a wide range of special Thai aromatherapy treatments, body massages, and facial treatments.


I choose a 2 hours of Suphannika Harmony, Suphannika Spa offers experiences to the path of the East/West synergy. A holistic treatment begins with a warm foot soaking, which sooths your tired legs, and herbal stream to detoxify the skin. This invigorates your entire body and prepares you for the harmonized Thai and Western Aromatherapy massage.

Here’s what we felt:

All in all, one of the world’s best spas. I was beaming with a relaxed glow.


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