Riding the Wave in the Center of Munich

Thetraveljunkie.org – We talked about how much we liked to travel and get to know other places and dreams about working and spending all our days on traveling. Now, two years down the line, we get to do so because of our blogs. We love going to a new city and opening our eyes to see the people, the architecture, the art and the magic that exists the place you have never been to before. We will keep on dreaming and thinking about all the different places that we still have to discover with our smartphone camera in hand.

When in Munich, we learned about the wisdom on the Eisbach river at the entrance to the Englischer Garten (English Garden) attracted surfers and onlookers from around the world. The spot is famous throughout the world for being the largest, best and most consistent city center location for river surfing. People have been surfing here for 40 years.

The man-made Eisbach river emergency from underground just a few steps away from the Haus der Kunst art gallery on Prinzregentenstrasse. A stone step at the outlet generates a standing wave about half a meter tall.

The Eisbachwelle is the largest, best and most consistent city center location for river surfing.

The surfers’ stunts are a popular snapshot for the large crowds that gather to watch. Thanks to their wetsuits, surfers can ride the waves any time they want and in all weather conditions, even in winter. International stars of the surf scene, like Jack Johnson and Garret McNamara, have also been spotted on the waves.

Visiting the spot to watch the action is recommended at any time; however, only professional surfers should attempt to ride the waves as the spot is not easy nor without risk and is unsuitable for beginners.

Stay tuned for more of our adventures in Munich, Germany.


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  1. Hi TravelJunkie
    River surfing in the middle of Munich is pretty wild, but we thought maybe river surfing with crocodiles on the great Zambezi just below Victoria Falls is even wilder!!

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