Running to Malimbu Hills, Lombok – Hi there! This day we bring you to Malimbu Hills, LombokWest Nusa Tenggara.

I stayed in Senggigi with my expat friend family. It was so much fun, very relaxing and just lovely to get away from our routine for a bit.

One afternoon, a friend of mine took us running on some roads – and I enjoyed it soooo much!

I can see for miles ahead and all around me. The sounds of the world were all hushed and quiet. It was quite magical.

Sometimes the roads would open up towards the beach… and I found myself running along a top of a hill, looking down onto the ocean.

I found it so interesting. With all the inclines, declines, uneven ground, the always changing scenery, the gorgeous sounds of the bush – it was really challenging and such awesome fun.

I’m so inspired by the experience, that I might even try hill biking now.

All up – I’m not a runner. I ran very very slowly with a bit of walking and no stops for about 5kms.


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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