Saigon’s Black Spaghetti – Omg! Omg! No way! Yes! Omg! Omg I’m going to diiieeeee in Ho Chi Minh City! Omg!

My eyes were having orgasms!

That was my reaction when I looked up and saw this cables runway show by Saigon designer Major.

For some unknown reason telephone and electricity cabling in Saigon and/or Vietnam is particularly horrendous.

Walking the streets of Saigon, on my head, I could see an endless tangle of wires, like black spaghetti are treated.

The attention to detail was out of this world.

It surprised me. That Saigon’s black spaghetti looks fabulous!

No way! Omg more! Omg another one! Omg they are amazing!!!

It was a wonderful experience and such a pleasure to watch.


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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