Save Tanjung Keluang Sea Turtles

stars are blind. – This is by far my favorite sea turtles, I saw in Tanjung Keluang, Central Kalimantan.

It was my very first time visiting this romantic sea turtles conservation, Tanjung Keluang.

I love the fact that I couldn’t find a single car or motorcycle as they only use water transportation there, less polution is LOVE!

Enjoy the photos:

the look of love.

big big world.

heaven knows.

the best of me.

say you love me.

it’s hard to say goodbye.

disco medley.

i will stand by you.

I’m feeling very relaxed and inspired by the experience.

Thank to you, the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, for following and supporting me on this journey!


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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