See Komodo Dragon Feces in the Wild

into tropical loveland | taken with Sony NEX-7 – A dream of mine came true when I traveled to Komodo National Park. Never did I imagine that see Komodo dragon feces in the wild.

Komodo National Park is Paradise – everything is green, blue, tropical, exotic and real wonder of the world!

It was freaking HUGE! It was jaw-dropping, eyes-popping, stand-motionless HUGE!

See the figure in the photo below? He is my real big dragon… completely dumbstruck.

Komodo dragons have extraordinary capabilities. They can see 300 meters and can smell a rotting animal corpse up to 10 kilometers away. They can also run up to 20 km per hour, swim, dive, and climb trees | taken with Sony NEX-7

ooh thanks god pluuuug… | taken with Sony NEX-7

this feces contains hair and bone from mammals, perhaps from timor deer (cervus timorensis) or wild boar (sus scrofa) | taken with Sony NEX-7

the white part of this feces from the prey’s bone (calcium) | taken with Sony NEX-7

The Komodo dragon feces was amazing. It was quite an experience to just stand there and watch the tropical loveland world go by.

This was my other favourite komodo dragons feces (I’m not sure what it was called).

I loved all the colours. WONDERFUL!

You are SO lucky to be seeing this. Not many people have the opportunity to see all this amazing stuff in THIS way.

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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