Sex in Sukuh Temple

learned about sudamala scene. – This day we bring you Go Sukuh Temple, a site for the graphic exploration of sex on the western slope of Mount Lawu, Central Java, replete with our adventures and beautiful photos.

As incredible as Central Java is, it’s a world away from English speaking culture. See below for everything from wonderful Sukuh temple.

Here’s what we saw:

he used to be a lovely boy.

she used to be a lovely girl.

bima suci relief: drona, pandawa’s and kurawa’s teacher, ordererd bima to seek water of life in mount candramuka. in his journey bima met and fought with two demons, rukmuka and rukmakala. bima finally could defeat them. they disappeared and incarnated as indra and bayu. bima continued his journey to the bottom of the sea and met a tiny god (dewa ruci). he finally found the essence of water of life after entering dewaruci’s body.

The first thing you see upon entering the temple gates is a carved relief depicting a penis poised to penetrate a vagina.

Here, sex is the blending of male and female energies to create a new energy of rebirth.

The depiction of sex here appears to be a homage to the powers of creation and fertility.

sengkalan scene.

a stunning view from first entrace gate.

horny smile.

sudamala relief, tells the story about the liberation of uma cursed by siwa because of her mistake.

we’re in believed scene.

inscription on garuda statue. the inscription dated 1363 saka = 1441 AD, and 1364 saka = 1442 AD.

fly to heaven.

into eternity.

dheg dheg plas scece.

perfect symmetry.

grasping his erect penis as if he is masturbating.

The statues and relief carvings in Sukuh do offer a glimpse into Java’s sex culture in the early 14-15th century.

Hmm… Sex, freedom from a curse, the elixir of life, and come closer to God.

In fact, through sex our ancestors aligned themselves with the will of God.

view from sukuh pyramid.

mysteriously transported.

why do you love me.

what a wonderful sukuh temple.

The cropped pyramid shape and dominant eagle and snake figures have led many observers to muse over the architectural similarities between the temple and those of the South American Maya.

Aaaah… it was a journey into the ancient Javanese world of sex, magic, and mystery.

I always believed, this temple had a ‘time machine/door’, While hiding from Javanese in a ‘door’, mysteriously transported by a form of astral projection to the future, past or planet mars.

This temple were WONDERFUL!

For more information about Sukuh Temple, visit here.

I hope you enjoyed the photos and hope you share your thoughts below.


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