Shaded In Australia With Pyramid Shades – With Melburnians still locked in our 5km bubble we are constantly on the lookout for ways to make our 2 hour recreation and exercise outings fun. So we were super excited to try out our new Pyramid Shade down at the Sorrento foreshore on Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. So what did we love about our Pyramid Shade experience?

Firstly the shade looks amazing. We picked out the Sahara in desert red. It was modern and stylish and clean looking. One passer by commented on how cute the shade is.

Then it was even easier than we expected to open. It was just like putting up an umbrella then turning it over. There was a light breeze the day we tried it so we filled the pockets with sand then snuggled into the tent for coffee, a book and to enjoy the beach in our own little private space.

Another super cool add on is the solar panel pack. Pop it out in the sun and use the natural energy to charge your phone or power up the fan for scorching summer days. Convenient and cool!

And pack up was super simple too. We just shook out the sand from the pockets, folded it up and it fitted easily into its own pouch. Light and simple.

We know it will be perfect for summer to protect us from the hot sun and also from the crowds that will be flocking down to the peninsula when things open up again! Keep an eye out for us popping up our cute red pyramid on the beach…



Happy Sustainable Travels!

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