Short Stay in Perth, Western Australia

The Bell Tower (Camera Sony Alpha NEX-7) – I get lots of emails from my readers asking me: “What kind of things are there to do in Perth?”

So when Garuda Indonesia and Tourism Western Australia asked me whether I would like to share about my #DiscoverPerth #DiscoverWA, I was delighted to finally sit down and write it all up.

If you are only staying in Perth for a short while, here are a few place you should definitely NOT MISS.

Perth is well known for not having any famous buildings, and for being a bit quite. But you see, that’s how travel junkies like it.

People who appreciate Perth, LOVE it for its relatively slow pace, big blue skies, huge open spaces, and freedom of access to literally hundreds of kilometres of simply spectacular ocean and riverside.

Perth’s founding fathers were very careful to preserve free access to the Swan River, which dominates Perth, wandering slowly from the hills to the ocean, giving Perth an amazingly generous ratio of people to water aspects and parks.

So make sure you bring a hat, sunglasses, and plenty of sun screen!

Kings Park and Botanic Garden (Camera Sony Alpha NEX-7)

1. Visit Kings Park and Botanic Garden
Perth’s natural heartland, Kings Park and Botanic Garden offers the best view over Perth, the broad reaches of the Swan River and east to the Darling Range.  It is also one huge war memorial, with each planted tree representing a fallen soldier.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden is about a 15 minute walk from the centre of Perth.

In spring, the wildflowers are simply mind-blowing, and this is the only place in the world you can see so many unique, bizarre West Australian flowers in one place. You can even see the famous boab trees here.

The view of the city is great in the day. And very pretty and romantic at night! If you have only a few hours in Perth, Kings Park is an absolute MUST!

Claremont Quarter (Camera Sony Alpha NEX-7)

2. Claremont Quarter
Located in the heart of Claremont, just 9 kms from the Perth CBD, Claremont Quarter is easily access.

Claremont Quarter is the retail component of the refurnishing and expansion redevelopment of the former Claremont Arcade site, a joint project by Hawaiian and Brookfield Mutiplex.

Claremont Quarter provides 30,000m2 of retail shops over two levels.

Cottesloe Beach (Camera Sony Alpha NEX-7)

3. Cottesloe Beach
This beach is one of Perth’s best kept secrets, only a 20 minute drive from the centre of Perth. Cottesloe is famous for its sunsets. Being on the west coast of Australia, the sunsets over the Indian Ocean.

Cottesloe is AMAZING at any time of the day or early evening.

Visit Fremantle (Camera Sony Alpha NEX-7)

4. Visit Fremantle
Perth’s port city of Fremantle is 30 minutes drive from central Perth. Fremantle is renowned its fabulous seafood, cosmopolitan street life, and historic gold rush-era architectture. It’s a living, breathing, bustling Port City that somehow manages to be both laid-back and oozing with attitude all at once.

Make your way down to Fisherman’s Harbour to eat some fresh seafood, ice cream and have a stroll along the jetties. Crammed in next to the still hard-working port, you will find two excellent Maritime Museums, one dedicated to ancient ships, and the other, Australia’s more recent Maritime history.

Swan River Blast (Image courtesy of SwanJet)

5. Swan River Blast
Perth’s ultimate adrenalin rush with Swan Jet. Swan River Blast is a 25 minute thrill ride on the Swan River.

Unleash the power of the jet at nearly 80km/h with a continual mix of 360 spins, wild fish tails and incredible power break stops. Hold on tight as the continuous mix of music keeps your heart racing.

The Perth Mint (Camera Sony Alpha NEX-7)

6. The Perth Mint
Where else can you get your hands on more than $225,000 worth of Gold, see the world’s largest displays of gold investments bars and Australia’s largest displays of natural gold transformed into a bar in the original melthouse where gold has been poured for 107 years.

7. Indonesia Indah Restaurant
This traditional eatery has been a Perth establishment for well over a decade, serving authentic Indonesian food to its loyal following of locals. Indonesia Indah specialises in Padang cuisine – a bit like the Indonesian form of tapas or yum cha, where a series of dishes are served in small portions.

Everything else n Perth (Camera Sony Alpha NEX-7)

8. Everything else!
But of course, there is so much more to do in the Perth metropolitan area.

Boutique and fashion shopping in Kings Street in the city, William Street in Northbridge, Oxford Street in Leederville, Subiaco and Mount Lawley.

You can see an excellent range of Australian wildlife at Perth Zoo – kangaroos, koalas, wombats and even giant crocodiles!

There is whale watching at Hillarys, river cruisers on the Swan River, wine tasting in the Swan Valley, Hay Street and Murray Street Malls, The Bell Tower, helicopter rides over the river, jet skiing, scenic flights, art galleries, museums, etc, etc.

Well, I love Perth!

Happy Green Travels.

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