Sleeping Under the Stars in Kawah Wurung, East Java – When we were in Bondowoso, we explored Kawah Wurung with its beautiful savanna. We love the word Savanna. We’re not too keen on its literal meaning, we like its symbolic meaning much more. A Savanna is a calm place, it symbolises hope and the happiness that comes when you find something when you least expect it. Without concrete, the cold or being in a hurry. A place full of grass, peace and gorgeous hot weather. We wore basic pieces for a camp, clothing that you can wear all the time no matter the occasion, pieces that are essentially part of every closet’s savanna.

So much time in the car offers many great views out the window. Exploring East Java has offered us the most incredible scenery and traveling with friends makes it even better! ?: @lookingfordyan

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A perfect day in the mountains.

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Every day is a new adventure.

Always up for adventures!

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