Sorrento Sunset, Victoria – Travel is always a pleasure, but when you discover incredible places and learn new things, is even better. On our last trip in Blairgowrie, we visited Sorrento for a sunset. Victoria is no stranger to beautiful, tourist-oriented places and towns. One of its gems is the scenic seaside town of Sorrento. Sorrento is nestled along the coast in the greater Melbourne region.

We love having fish and chips at fish fetish for dinner by the beach. It’s such a super-duper, special, sacred family tradition – similar to Christmas.

But really, everyone does it. It’s a very Australian thing.

And it’s possibly a bit more special for Victorians, because we can actually watch the sun set over the Bass Strait.

Life is amazing here!

Holidays on earth can be wonderful and horrible. But regardless, it’s always a bit sad when they come to an end. And always a good feeling to know that you’re returning home to where you really belong; all refreshed and with some lovely holiday memories ??? @wherejacwanders @thebojoku @visitmelbourne @Australia

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Hang out with locals.

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What goes around comes around ? @wherejacwanders @thebojoku @visitmelbourne @Australia

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Stay tuned for more our adventure in Victoria, Australia.


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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