Soul Shakedown Party at @PachaSydney

welcome to pacha sydney, travel junkies! | photo by pacha sydney – I was invited to the Pacha Sydney a soul shakedown party feat. Will Sparks. Welcome to Pacha Sydney – The world’s most spectacular music and entertainment experience has arrived.

It’s the party that never stops right in the middle of George Street. I went out travel like a clubber, drinking, clubbing, and dancing. It was a gorgeous night for it – a cool winter evening.

The Sydney nightlife is in for a shake-up. Merivale is bringing legendary superclub Pacha to Ivy, adding a weekly dose of world-class DJs, epic special effects and spectacularly choreographed performances.

f****n securities! we waited here 30 minute | camera Sony NEX-7

registration guest lists line | camera smartphone

Franchised to 20 venues worldwide, Pacha is a mecca for electronic enthusiasts looking for spectacle, with notable locations in New York, London and Ibiza.

Models, stylists, business owners, sponsors, travel bloggers and the media… all came together – in their most fashionable attire – to celebrate this winter night.

Everyone had gorgeous hair, amazing make up, incredible tans and were sporting statement outfits and hot designer labels.

get the party started | camera smartphone

white for into and black for VIP | camera Sony NEX-7

asian soul shakedown party | photo by pacha sydney

We were going for that Asian vibe with VIP access. Thankies for Andy El-Bayeh as Pacha Guest Relations Manager.

Pacha VIP tables and booths exist as anchor to the ultimate evening, allowed us to experience the spirit and extravagance that is Pacha. Private balconies gave us the best seats in the house to behold the stage and spectacle below – rest assured, this is quite simply the way to party at Pacha. Pacha personal host ensured an exclusive space remains expertly catered to all evening from Pacha extensive bottle and canapés menu.

There were lots of people, food, alcohol and sexy dancers. It was great fun – even though I didn’t get totally trashed like everyone else. Moved on to a room with live 60’s – 80’s music and dancing.

samantha and asian dancer | camera smartphone

samantha and I | camera smartphone

This is Samantha, one of my readers from Sydney, and I.

I was wearing a layer by Curl Rumor, travel junkie Indonesia white tee, Levi’s Jeans, classic shoes by converse, and headphones by Marshall.

I had fun! And, I met 8 new people. it was really nice chatting to random people to Freeport employees. We talked about kretek to wine with bahasa Indonesia in the effects of ‘washing body’ with lite vodka vs. full strength vodka, and dancing to silly music.

Overall. Hehe, we had a great time. It was FANTASTIC!!!

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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