Spa Bandara at Bandara International Hotel – The other day I headed over to Bandara International Hotel with my bojo. It was my first time in this Bandara Hotel. We stayed 2 nights in a suite room, my bojo and I had such an amazing time that I just had to share. The main pool was gorgeous. I had a swim in the morning, afternoon and night time. My bojo and I booked some massages at the hotel, which were excellent.

We took a traveller set menu; Jet Lag Treatment for 120 minutes (Swedish massage + Yon-ka classic facial + Eye treatment) and After Flying Treatment for 120 minutes (Traditional massage + Chocolate facial + Eye treatment).

Best 2 hours ever.

The ladies who did our massages were definitely skilled and experienced… and they gave a damn great massage and facial. After the massage, my massage therapist went outside to get some things for my facial. Next up was the chocolate facial which was just as fantastic as the massage. I was very happy with my treatment.

The result? My skin felt soooo soft and plump. Overall, I was very happy with the experience. I’d do it again in an instant.

A humungous thank you to the staff and team at Bandara International Hotel.

After the heavenly massage, we wobbled blissfully over to dinner at Linjani Restaurant.

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