Spa Party at Taman Air Spa Bali

Welcome to Taman Air Spa (Camera Sony alpha NEX-7) – Well, I was invited to a spa party at Taman Air Spa and Selfpampering.

Taman Air Spa offers natural products from the ocean and organic ingredients from the earth, all of which have many benefits for travel junkie bodies and skin.

Ooh, at Taman Air Spa, you will be pampered with amazing treatments administered by skilled therapists within an enchanting, peaceful environment.

Taman Air Spa environment (Camera Sony alpha NEX-7)

I chose Full Body Balinese Massage (1.5 hours). So I took my clothes off in private treatment room, complete with Jacuzzi and shower for couples.

I lay down and put my face through the special hole in the bed.

The short, small handed, exotic woman came back in, and the massage began.

During the massage, I really couldn’t stop my brain talking to me.

The traditional Balinese technique of firm finger and palm pressure as well as long stimulating strokes is performed with your choice of relaxing essential oil. This massage will ease body tension, release stress and invigorate the senses.

Overall, the massage was OK. Just ok. And, I have no doubt that she was technically excellent. But when it ended… I was like, was that it? It was out of this world!

Gosh, that was really over-rated.

I was thinking. I just felt oily, bloated, sloppy and lazy. Oh dear.

Taman Air Spa Oil (Camera Sony alpha NEX-7)


Over all, the day spa was just fine, it wasn’t their fault. It just wasn’t a magic solution to stress, and I was stressed before I arrived.

Taman Air Spa is well placed in offering travel junkies a most rewarding experience.

Find out more info at

Jalan Sunset Road 88 Kuta – Bali
Phone 62.361.894.7300 | 8947301 | 8947302

Happy Green Travels!

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