Stockholm For Children of All Ages – Stockholm has several places with incredible views of the city. Take the stairs up the City Hall Tower, climb up Skinnarviksberget or ride to the top of the Ericsson Globe with SkyView. Discover the hills of Söder on a walk along Fjällgatan with views of Saltsjön, or take the winding Monteliusvägen along the edge of Mariaberget. You can admire the city and the water from the middle of Västerbron, the bridge between Södermalm and Kungsholmen, and the Kaknäs tower on Gärdet offers not just a mile wide view; it also has the city’s highest café and restaurant.

01). SKANSEN – The world’s oldest open-air museum is beautifully situated on Djurgården. For the kids there are loads of play areas and fun activities, like pony riding, a mini train, and the Galejan Fairground. Lill-Skansen, with small animals like rabbits, kittens and miniature pigs, is very popular, and so is the neighborhood with a shoemaker, a bakery and more. Visitors also find taking part in Swedish Christmas and Midsummer traditions highly enjoyable. |

02). GRÖNA LUND – This historic amusement park is brilliantly situated on Djurgården. You’ll find attractions for the whole family here, from the Ladybird Coaster, a classic carousel, and Lyktan for the youngest visitors, to Twister, Insane, the Giant Drop and Eclipse for older kids and adults. A wonderful carnival atmosphere, with tons of entertainment and lovely restaurants and cafés. 2015 will see the opening of the House of Nightmare, Gröna Lund’s scariest attraction yet. |

03). NATIONAL MUSEUM OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY – Innovations, creativity, technical and digital challenges. Make your own inventions, play the energy game, challenge yourself and others at the Sport exhibit, and learn more about some of the world’s most outstanding technological innovations. The Cino4 movie theater presents films in 4D, with moving chairs, gusts of wind, scents and splashes of water. |

04). AQUARIA WATER MUSEUM – Colorful clown fish, sea cucumbers, seahorses, sharks and piranhas. You can also walk through a tropical rainforest, where night suddenly falls and thunder rumbles. In this Nordic environment, you’ll learn more about trout, crayfish and other marine life that thrives here, and a tunnel under the museum offers a direct view of the Baltic Sea. |

05). JUNIBACKEN – Step right into Astrid Lindgren’s glorious fairytale world and meet characters like Pippi, Emil and Ronja, as well as other be loved children’s book characters, such as Alfons Åberg and Moomin. Ride the magical Storybook Train, play in Villa Villekulla, make mischief in Storybook Square and eat organic, homemade food in the circus restaurant. A wonderful museum for kids of all sizes. |

06). THE ROYAL ARMOURY – was once the armory of the Swedish royalty. Today, Sweden’s history is presented through beautiful costumes, weapons and carriages. The museum offers fun activities for children, including trying on dresses and knight costumes. |

07). BUTTERFLY HOUSE HAGA OCEAN – Haga Park in Solna isn’t just a gorgeous park with historical buildings like the Haga Palace (where Crown Princess Victoria and her family live); the Butterfly House is also here, a tropical space with exotic butterflies, parrots and other animals. And since 2013, Haga Ocean has been open, one of the Nordic region’s biggest shark tanks. |

08). PLAYGROUNDS – Stockholm has many parks and playgrounds. A few examples are Bryggartäppan (Södermalm), which has red cottages and a wooden horse and cart in an 1800s-style environment, Vasaparken (Vasastan), with swings, trampolines, sand boxes and a bocce ball court, and Humlegården playground (Östermalm), which offers climbing equipment, play fields and much more. In the winter, ice skating rinks can be found at Kungsträdgården(where you can rent skates) and Vasaparken. |

09). SKYVIEW – See Stockholm from the top of the Ericsson Globe, the world’s largest spherical building. A glass gondola tour takes about 20 minutes and offers beautiful views from 130 meters above sea level. Buy tickets and reserve a time on the website before visiting to avoid lines. |

10). SWEDISH MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY & COSMONOVA – A huge, exciting museum covering everything from the universe to the earth’s interior. Follow the evolution of humankind, learn more about life in the water, the polar regions, Sweden’s nature, the earth’s climate, dinosaurs and much more. Watch fascinating 3D nature films at Cosmonova. |

11). ERIKSDALSBADET – One of Stockholm’s most popular swim parks, with water slides, a whirlpool and an outdoor pool. You’ll also find lap swimming, bubble pools, and a wading pool for the little ones. |

12). TOM TITS EXPERIMENT – By commuter train, it’s easy to get to Södertälje and Tom Tits Experiment. Fill your day with exciting experiments, storm winds, soap bubbles, illusions, weightlessness, a mirror labyrinth and much, much more. Hop, touch, bounce, balance, and ride the slide through the whole building. An outdoor experiment park is open in summer. |

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