Street Food and Soup in Saigon

colours of saigon’s street food. – We love street food, and for great reason. Quick, cheap and full of flavor, nothing can give you a sense of a place better than its big, local flavors.

One of the highlights of Vietnam is the cuisine, and there’s no better way to experience Vietnamese food than eating from street stalls.

The other day, My friends and I took a street food dinner at little area called District 1, SaigonVietnam.

sat down at the stall.

a typical district 1 street scene.

something in your eyes.

this’s a mystery to me.

our vietnamese soup.

We sat down at the stall.

And, we ordered bun rieu – vietnamese soup with mint and vermicelli noodles, shrimps, meatballs, thin slices of pork, herbs, and a melody of fresh vegetables (eaten like pho).

The soup arrived in a few minutes time, and of course it was freaking amazing. That soup was soooooooo mouth-wateringly delicious.

We walked away with full bellies very happy. I had such a great time!

It was a really wonderful way to spend an evening.


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